Hi, I’m Rachaelprofilepicture Lopez.


I’m a write-at-home-mama who lives in the inner-west of Melbourne, Australia. I love coffee and books… probably why I started a little bookclub in a cafe.

This blog is centered around my working life purpose:

To encourage the church to be ‘a live tradition which extends in both directions of time’.

Lewis Hyde wrote that last bit (but he was talking about art).

I love old and new, whether it be worship songs, prayers, writings or heroes of the faith.

For me, new-monasticism is where old and new come together. How can we carry on the charisms (gifts) of monasticism to a new generation?

Even bigger than this: How can we appreciate the treasures which span 2000 years of history and from across all cultures and denominations today?

These are the sorts of things I’ll be writing about.